Final Human Cities, Challenging The City Scale Event @ the 13th Tallinn Design Festival!

Tallinn 15.9.2018 - 16.9.2018

This summer all Human Cities's partners are preparing for the final event. After the 11 experiments have been fruitfully implemented in the 11 European cities and 9 exhibitions in as many European cities, this September, the final Human Cities Challenging the City Scale 2014-2018 event will be held in Tallinn during XIII Tallinn Design Festival. In fact Human Cities is this year's theme of the festival. On top of that, the second Human Cities' Challenging the City Scale book, Journeys in People Centred Design, will be launched.

The XIII Tallinn Design Festival will be held from 10 to 16 September 2018. For a week, the unique festival which centres on different parts of Tallinn, will activate - the historic Baltic Station Departure Pavilion, the new building of EAA, Museum of Architecte, Architectural and Design Gallery, Viru Centre, Telliskivi, Alexela Concert Hall, Solaris, Kadriorg Tennis Hall and dozens of satellites in various locations.

Designers, architects, urbanists, and planners are committed to ensuring a more sustainable and human-friendly urban environment. Insights and testimonials from other cities can be seen at exhibitions and the conference which marks the successful end of the four-year Europe-wide project "Human Cities - Challenging the City Scale". We are looking forward to presenters from several architectural bureaus and other distinguished visionaries such as Mark Kingwell (Canada), Liam Young (UK) and Chantal Vanoeteren (Belgium, initiator of the Human Cities project). Those interested in urban development can see projects from 11 different countries, including innovative projects of Politecnico di Milano and Aalto University.

The Estonian team will present the relaxation capsule HÄLO (read HERE more). The works of the nominees of Germany's renowned design award IF will complement the exhibition from the perspective of the students. "Human Cities", a music piece by Villu Veski and Laura will bring the project to an upstanding end.

The full programme will be communicated mid August.
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