TAB 2017 - Tallinn Architecture Biannale

13.9.2017 - 17.9.2017

TAB Opening Week takes place 13-17th of September.
Exhibitions and installations will stay open for public until the 27th of October.

TAB 2017 theme is bioTallinn, curated by architect, urban designer and ecologist Claudia Pasquero. bioTallinn challenges typical assumptions of what constitutes the boundary between natural and artificial realms.

Curatorial Exhibition
'Anthropocene Island'
14 September to 27 October

Tallinn Architecture Biennale TAB 2017 is proud to announce the participants of the biennale's main event - the Curatorial Exhibition, titled Anthropocene Island, taking place at the Museum of Estonian Architecture and is curated by TAB 2017 Head Curator Claudia Pasquero.

Curatorial Exhibition international team includes ecoLogicStudio, Rachel Armstrong, Noumena, The Urban Morphogenesis Lab, The Institute of Advance Architecture of Catalunia (IAAC), Alisa Andrasek and Marcos Cruz (BiotA Lab) and they were invited to collaborate in reconceiving the peninsula of Paljassaare.

Read more about Curatorial Exhibition here!

TAB 2017 Symposium
'Polycephalum City'
14 to 15 September

From 14th to 15th Sep 2017 - Thursday and Friday - TAB 2017 hosts a 2-day international symposium which takes place in the Balti Jaam Pavilion in the centre of Tallinn. Symposium "Polycephalum City" will discuss the role of architecture in the context of current socio-ecological crisis, and calls for a critical reading of the geological era which scientists have named 'Anthropocene'. Curated by architect, urban designer, ecologist and Head Curator of TAB 2017, Claudia Pasquero, the dialogues at the event challenge typical assumptions of what constitutes the boundary between natural and artificial realms. Symposium Moderator Dr. Lucy Bullivant PhD Hon FRIBA is a place vision strategist, curator, author and founder/Creative Director of

Read more about Symposium here!

TAB Satellite Programme
13 to 17 September

Satellite events include a number of events for both architecture professionals, students and people who love the field. There's workshops, discussions, parties, film screenings, smaller exhibitions. A selected choice of international exhibitions and installations is located all over Tallinn city, with most of them opening during TAB Opening Week. TAB 2017 Satellite Programme is curated by architect Rebecca Kontus.

See details for satellite events in the Programme Schedule.

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