Main Auditorium A, Otakaari 1, Otaniemi Espoo 9.2.2017 12.30 - 19.30

An afternoon devoted to the possibilities and potential of developing a 21st Century version of the Classical Quadrivium curriculum into degree syllabuses, as a civilizing foundation for all scholars.

With contributions from:

Dr Pekka Korpinen, former Deputy Mayor of Helsinki
maths, numbers and city planning
Professor Toni Kotnik, architect
geometry, numbers and architecture
Eero Hämeenniemi, composer
music, numbers and architecture
Professor Kari Enqvist, physicist
astronomy, numbers, time and space
Professor Rupert Sheldrake, biochemist and philosopher
the Science Delusion and an alternative approach to understanding
Anu Puustinen, architect, Avanto Architects
numbers, space, time, architecture and society
Riina Palva, Architect, Verstas Architects
space, time, architecture and society

Followed by ‘Cocktails by Numbers’,
a tasteful interactive performance by Tommy Lindgren and Trainees

Conceived by Trevor Harris
Organised by the Department of Architecture, Aalto University

Open to students, staff, professionals and the general public

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