ICC 2016 The Competition Mesh: Experimenting with and within Architecture Competitions

School of Art, Architecture and Design, Leeds Beckett University, Leeds 27.10.2016 - 29.10.2016

The Sixth International Conference on Competitions focuses on scrutinising and mapping the concept of experimentation within architecture competitions. The purpose of ICC 2016 is to offer a window into current interdisciplinary research on the topic of architecture competitions. The series of conferences look at competitions as a specific field of knowledge in order to understand the competitions’ discourse and questioning historical and current aspects, presuppositions, concepts and practices. In recent years we have and continue to witness, a surge of competitions (or rather calls) which do not seek to produce a building or an architecture structure, but aim instead to raise awareness and pinpoint current social, political, technological issues intertwined with the urban condition; these are usually initiated by independent entities and aim to entice experimentation by reformulating and resetting the very terms and conditions within which a problem is posed or arises. The conference also includes a professional organisations’ panel discussion, where in this session, RIBA and UIA speakers will consider the concept of experimentation as manifested within the RIBA UK client-driven and ‘pragmatist’ competitions approach and within the UIA ‘social’ and conceptual framework applied to the UIA worldwide competitions. The event is supported by RIBA Competitions and the UIA.

For any queries contact the conference organising committee at icc2016 @ leedsbeckett.ac.uk.

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