Kansainväliset biennalet

TAB 2017 - Tallinn Architecture Biannale
TAB 2017 Opening Week from 13 to 17 September! TAB 2017 theme is bioTallinn, curated by architect, urban designer and ecologist Claudia Pasquero. bioTallinn challenges typical assumptions of what constitutes the boundary between natural and artificial realms.
13.9.2017 - 17.9.2017
the International Biennale of Architecture in Krakow
Biennale is an event taking place since the year 1985. The title of this year's edition of the Biennale is "Backyard – field of imagination".
12.10.2017 - 13.10.2017 the ICE Congress Centre
the 7th Minsk International Biennial of Young Architects Leonardo-2017
Minsk has already become a traditional place of creative contacts for young talented architects from many countries of the world. "Leonardo" gives all participants the opportunity for friendly professional communication, information exchange, networking, and summing up.
9.11.2017 - 11.11.2017