Credit card payment

Those without access to an online bank transfer service can use a credit card to pay for their subscription or for single copies of the magazine. Paytrail online credit card payment site accepts American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Diners Club cards. (Your credit card must be enabled for use in online payments – if you are unsure, consult your bank or credit card provider.)

Begin by entering your invoice information below. After clicking “Preview” to verify that the information is correct, select “Continue on to payment” and you will be directed to a secure Paytrail web page. Here you will be asked to fill in your credit card information. The Finnish Association of Architects will at no time have access to your credit card data and absolutely no data is stored in the system. Paytrail relays to The Finnish Association of Architects only the invoice information provided and a report of successful payment.

Please note: The online payment service can only be used to pay for purchases that have already been invoiced. You must have your invoice in order to pay for your purchase, because you are required to enter both your customer number and the invoice reference number. It is not possible to pay for your purchase online with a credit card immediately after you have placed your order.

Where to find the required information on your invoice:

Invoice information:

Your customer number (1), can be found near the top right corner of your invoice, e.g. “99999”

Your invoice reference number is the roughly 13-number-long reference number (2) at the bottom of your invoice, e.g. “777 88888 99999”.

Please supply additional data here in case your customer or reference number is incorrect.
For example
Name: Andrew Architect
Items you have purchased: ARK subscription for 2013
Additional information: Gift subscription for Anna Architect

The amount due (3) can be found in the lower right hand corner of your invoice. The amount is always stated in Euros.