Executive Board 2018

Chairman: Henna Helander
Vice-Chairman: Eva Geitel, Gunilla Jonna Taegen
Board Members: Hannu Salmi, Mikko Nurminen, Hanna Pikkarainen, Tomi Perko, Auvo Lindroos, Gunilla Lång-Kivilinna, Mirjam Hyvönen, Harri Hautajärvi ja Miia Perkkiö
Secretary: Paula Huotelin, Secretary General
Student Representative: Aaro Timonen (Aalto)

The Delegates Council appoints annually, at its autumn meeting, the SAFA Executive Board, which consists of 12 members. The Chairman of the Executive Board is called the Chairman of the Association and the Board’s 2 vice-chairmen are both called Vice-Chairman of the Association. The Board has created committees and workgroups to aid in in its tasks.

Tasks of the Executive Board
• to represent SAFA
• to manage matters linked with administration, finance, organisation, publications
and international activities.
• to prepare issues for Delegates Council deliberation
• to implement decisions of the Delegates Council