Member benefits

SAFA members are sent monthly issues of the Arkkitehtiuutiset (Architecture News) bulletin at no charge. The bimonthly journal Arkkitehti (Finnish Architectural Review) is available to members at an annual discounted price of EUR 65. SAFA members can also purchase additional gift subscriptions to the magazine for this same price. Once a year, all SAFA members are sent a copy of the SAFA Annual Report. A 10% discount on all SAFA publications is available to all members at SAFA offices upon presentation of your member card.

SAFA events
Members receive discounts on participation in ‘Architecture Days’ events , SAFA excursions, SAFA training courses and other SAFA events. SAFA members receive a 15% reduction on admission prices to any Alvar Aalto Academy events requiring admission fees.

Rental discounts
SAFA members have the opportunity to rent two SAFA vacation properties, the Vähä-Kiljava summer cottage area in Hyvinkää and Villa Oivalaa, on the island of Villing off Helsinki.

SAFA has made an insurance agreement with Pohjola Insurance Ltd to provide professional liability and legal expenses insurance for its members. The insurance premiums are paid by SAFA.

SAFA has insured its members and staff with Pohjola. The new organisation insurance covers SAFA members and staff in respect of all organisation-related tasks and events throughout the world.

The employed member has a possibility to obtain a combined SAFA-TEK membership with the same membership price. TEK negotiates and agrees on terms and pay in collective agreement. The combined membership includes also all TEK membership benefits like legal services, salary advices and career advices.

AKAVA’s (Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland) provides SAFA members hundreds of discounts on activities, travel, fashion etc.

See the following document for more discounts available with the SAFA member card: (in finnish)
SAFAn jäsenkorttia vastaan myönnettävät alennukset
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