SAFA Architectural Competition Service

The Finnish Association of Architects SAFA maintains a comprehensive register of all past, current, and future architectural competitions. This is also the forum where the competition winners are announced. The competition web pages provide guidelines for parties interested in organising a competition or participating in them.

In Finland SAFA has the best, internationally-renowned experience in arranging architectural competitions, in cooperation with both public and private bodies. In SAFA the Competition Committee and the Competition Secretary are responsible for the competitions.

SAFA Architectural Competition Feedback
We appreciate your feedback on Architectural Competitions arranged by the Finnish Association of Architects SAFA.
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Competition specialist
Mari Koskinen
architect SAFA
tel. +358 (0)45 139 3665

Reflecting Tre, Arkkitehtuurityöhuone Buenaventura
"Reflecting TRE", Arkkitehtuurityöhuone Buenaventura