Professional Practice Afternoon

4 huhtikuun, 2024
15:00 - 17:30

Are you studying to become an architect in Finland? Are you recently graduated or about to graduate?

Professional Practice Afternoon webinar on April 4 will provide information on the profession in Finland. The webinar is aimed at recently graduated architects but it’s free of charge and open to everyone. The webinar is in English.


15:00 Get to know SAFA
General secretary Arja Lukin, SAFA

15:15 SAFA membership & benefits
What are the benefits of a SAFA membership? How can I take part in SAFA activities?
Membership secretary Katri Laakso, SAFA

15:30 Working as an architect in Finland 
Advisers Jussi Nousiainen and Tiina Henry-Biabaud, TEK

16:00 The KOKO Unemployment Fund 
Why should I join the fund? What changes has the government made to the unemployment security?
Lawyer Elina Johansson, KOKO

16: 20 Break

16:30 Experiences of an international architect living in Finland
Architect Hans Nielsen

16:45 What do employers expect from international/non-Finnish-speaking architects?
Architect Juho Grönholm, Partner, ALA Architects

17:00 General information on professional practice
Senior Adviser Pia Selroos, SAFA

17:30 End

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SAFA membership & benefits
TEK: Working as an architect in Finland 
The KOKO Unemployment Fund 
SAFA: General information on professional practice

The Finnish version of the webinar, Valmistuvien webinaari, was organized on March 6.

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