Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition – Stage One

Sisäänjättö: 1.1.2014

Aims and objectives

The aim of the competition is to produce a proposal for a new Guggenheim museum in Helsinki and also to identify the architect and team who can develop and implement the project in close cooperation with civic stakeholders, elected officials, and Guggenheim representatives for many years to come.


Competition process

To engage as widely as possible with potential architects and designers, and to encourage collaborations between creative partners, the search for a design for the Guggenheim Helsinki is being undertaken as a two-stage process.


Stage One

The first stage is an open call for participation based on an anonymous design submission. Stage One will cover, in outline, cityscape, architecture, usability, sustainability, and feasibility. After the submission deadline, the jury will select up to six proposals to move forward to Stage Two of the competition.


Stage Two

Prior to the launch of Stage Two, the competition promoter may develop and expand aspects of the Brief to include more detailed information about the building program and the site conditions as necessary. Shortlisted competitors will be provided with detailed briefing material and invited to a briefing day in Helsinki to receive further information.


SAFAn valitsemat tuomariston jäsenet
Anssi Lassila
Rainer Mahlamäki


Competition Conditions

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