Workspaces Promoting Well-being

21 syyskuun, 2021 - 23 syyskuun, 2021
Hanaholmen Conference Hotel, Helsinki area

About this course

In the Nordic countries, new ways of working, digitalization and sustainable thinking challenge traditional work environments. New office solution, especially activity-based offices are getting increasingly popular.

This course will shed light on the central features of spatial solutions in activity-based offices that support employees’ environmental satisfaction, well-being at work and productivity.

Main topics

  • Remote multi-locational work: prerequisites, challenges and outcomes
  • Development of sustainable remote work
  • Workplace design for physical, mental and social wellbeing at the office and at home
  • Salutogenic and user-centred approach for workplace design
  • Effects of activity-based offices on well-being and productivity
  • The role of adaptive lighting in supporting personalized well-being
  • Room acoustics and sound insulation – the fundamental factors of well-being and functional working spaces

Please note!

We will do our utmost to arrange courses, even in these exceptional times.  We have the readiness to arrange courses with modified concepts, allowing smaller groups to meet, in some cases national groups, and the possibility to participate on-line.

Our cancellation policy is generous, so it is safe to enroll to a course well in advance and cancel participation if the situation makes it difficult or risky to travel.


Lokakuu, 2021



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