The Nordic Pavilion at UIA 2023

3 heinäkuun, 2023 - 5 heinäkuun, 2023

Join us in The Nordic Pavilion at the UIA World Congress of Architects, 3–5 July 2023! Located in Bella Center, Copenhagen, the Nordic Pavilion will serve as a space of inspiration and dialogue, where we can delve into the power of architecture as a central tool in achieving the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Through debates, workshops, and dialogues, we will forge a path towards a future that is both socially sustainable and environmentally regenerative.

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The pavilion is hosted by SUSTAINORDICNordic Sustainable Construction and the six Nordic Architecture Associations: The Danish Association of Architects (Arkitektforeningen), Architects Sweden (Sveriges Arkitekter), The Finnish Association of Architects (Suomen Arkkitehtiliitto SAFA), National Association of Norwegian Architects (Norske arkitekters landsforbund), The Faroese Architects Association (ARK), and Iceland Design and Architecture

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