People-Driven City 2019, the main conference of ‘Lähiöfest’ – festival of neighbourhoods

syyskuu 27, 2019
09:00 - 17:00 · Dipoli Aalto University, Otaniemi Espoo

People-Driven City 2019

  • Day: Friday the 27th of September
  • Location: Dipoli Aalto University, Otaniemi Espoo
  • Time: 9–17 (TBC)
  • Languages: main language English, some talks and workshops in Finnish
  • Tickets: full price 159€ VAT incl. – Early Bird 99€ (July–August) via Eventbrite
  • Coming to the conference with a group? Please contact us for ticket offers for groups (min. 5 tickets): seminaari(at)
  • Students may apply for a sponsored ticket 0€ by contacting the organisers: seminaari(at)
  • Want to join the team making People-Driven City? Volunteers who would like to help us with practicalities at the venue can contact us: info(at)
  • Follow: Facebook ‘People-Driven City’


How do we create more inclusive urban spaces in an increasingly complex urban context?

How can citizens learn and gain better understanding about their cities – and vice versa? 

Crowdfunding and public projects – match made in heaven or road to chaos?

Is a desirable, sustainable and also affordable neighbourhood an utopian dream?

How do we empower locality in a fast growing, ever-changing city?

‘People-Driven City’ is the main conference of ‘Lähiöfest’ – festival of neighbourhoods. In 2019 Lähiöfest takes place in four different Finnish cities: Espoo, Riihimäki, Kauniainen and Helsinki. Findings and learnings of the festival will be shared and digested during the conference – this year located in Dipoli, the beautiful gem of the architectural couple Raili and Reima Pietilä at the campus of Aalto University.

Expect a whole day of inspiring keynote speakers, engaging discussions and workshops on urgent urban topics and interesting case studies from cities around the world.


The programme of People-Driven City will be published by the beginning of September. Here is a tentative schedule of the day. 

Morning: Keynotes 

  • Tuula Antola / City of Espoo
  • Kimon Moerbeek / Kennisland
  • Elma van Boxel & Kristian Koreman / ZUS
  • Amin Khosravi / Urbz

Afternoon: Keynotes

  • Christina Lindbäck / NCC
  • Michel Rojkind / Rojkind Arquitectos

Afternoon: Fireside Chats 

  • Kimon Moerbeek / Kennisland, Saku Tuominen / HundrED, Heidi Backman / City of Kauniainen
  • Ahmed Abdirahman / Järvaveckan
  • Maria Derlõš / Linnalabor, Tanja Jänicke / Yhteismaa, Päivi Raivio / RaivioBumann, Niko Riepponen / City of Espoo

Afternoon: Round Tables, Workshops & Open Master Classes

options TBA

All Day: Exhibitions, Presentations & Live Performances

all day at Dome of Visions and the aula of the main hall

Evening: Tours, Open Doors and After Party

The official programme ends by 4 pm. Our partners will offer possibilities to visit various locations at Aalto Campus and Otaniemi between 4 pm and 6 pm.


More information:

Marraskuu, 2019



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