12th Annual Symposium of Architectural research – NAF/NAAR Symposium 2020

22 lokakuun, 2020 - 23 lokakuun, 2020

ATUT 2020.

The Nordic Association of Architectural Research and the University of Oulu, Oulu School of Architecture, join forces in organizing the NAF/NAAR Symposium 2020 and the 12th Annual Symposium of Architectural Research 2020 (ATUT2020) on 22–23 October 2020 at the University of Oulu.

The symposium will highlight and discuss the special features of the Northern context and architectural research in the Nordic countries. What is the common-sense understanding of ‘Northernness’ in architectural research and practice today? What defines it, and in which ways does it inform research and practice? This symposium wishes to shed light on and theorize the notion of ‘Northernness’, the underlying cultural forces in society that shape—and have shaped—this quality in architecture, architectural education, and architectural research.

Scholars and practitioners from the contexts of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design and planning are invited to pursue the theme of the symposium from fresh and diverse standpoints. Theoretical and practical approaches are equally welcomed, as well as spatial and temporal explorations through different architectonic scales and epochs. All authors should reflect on their research methods and positioning, contextualizing them within architectural discourse and ‘Northernness’ and their particular understanding of the notion. Besides researchers and practitioners in architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design and planning, scholars from collaborating fields are also invited to present their research on the built environment and its discourse.

Submit your abstract by 17 April 2020 at the latest.

For more information: www.atut.fi

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