Lecture / Konstantinos Xanthopoulos: Alvar Aalto and Greece – Eclectic Affinities

12 elokuun, 2020
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Lecture / Konstantinos Xanthopoulos: Alvar Aalto and Greece – Eclectic Affinities
Arkkitehtuurimuseon iso näyttelysali
kello 18:00 – 20:00

For centuries, the homeland of democracy, Homer and the Parthenon has been considered the foundation of Western culture. Architects, too, have been inspired by antiquity in countless ways. The lecture by professor Konstantinos Xanthopoulos focuses on Alvar Aalto’s trips to Greece in 1933 / 1953 elaborating on the theme presented in ”Alvar Aalto and Greece – Trailing Ariadne’s thread” published by MelissaBooks in 2019 and the discussion followed in Athens, 2020. The presentation evolves in the threefold manner: before, during, and after Alvar Aalto’s trips to Greece.

”Alvar Aalto left few traces of his more or less hasty passage to Greece, first in 1933 (late July-August), and twenty years later, in 1953 (end of April-May) (…) But, like in the enigmas of an ancient myth hovering between facts and fiction, limited as these traces were, they could nevertheless substantiate a starting point for the unfolding of plausible hypotheses, metaphors, and analogies, thus complementing a “story” of Aalto’s experiences and affinities with Greece’s cultural wealth.”

– Alvar Aalto and Greece – Trailing Ariadne’s thread –

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