Artificial Intelligence in Architecture, Engineering and Construction 2023

22 maaliskuun, 2023 - 23 maaliskuun, 2023

Artificial Intelligence in Architecture, Engineering and Construction 2023
March 22–23, 2023




The high interest towards the first truly global Artificial Intelligence conference in Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry in 2021 gave the spark for the annual conferences. In 2021 event, there were 235 registered participants from 30 countries, who graded the overall conference experience over 4 on a scale 1-5. In 2022 the conference attracted 248 participants from 31 countries and the overall conference experience was rated over 4 again. The first two editions have already been successful, but in 2023 we are heading to make the #AIAEC2023 experience even better!

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Easier Networking

Using our conference platform you can network and interact with other participants and speakers from your home or office

1-2-1 messages and video calls are available and you can see who is attending.

You can also schedule meetings with other participants

the speakers are available to reach via the platform also, the discussion can continue after the presentations

Wider Group of Audience

As the conference is not tied to a certain location, we can reach bigger audience from all over the globe.

Access the material 24/7 for 60 days

You can watch the presentations and access the material 24/7. All the sessions will be recorded and the recordings will be available in the platform

Platform will stay online after the event for 60 days so you can continue to watch the presentations and network!


How society and economy are changing through digital disruption is one of the defining issues of our time. Throughout the history of the mankind, we have had a quest for seeking solutions for better human life. This has led us through industrial revolutions to the information society where the distribution of the information, and in later face also the data collecting, have been the key factors of the digital revolution.

Digitalization pushes us towards the next industrial revolution with the exponential expansion of the merging technology, blurring the borders of the physical, digital, and biological surroundings. We are facing society, where smart machines empower humans, and the digital innovations enhance the wellbeing of the mankind and the nature. It is already a penetrating trend, and it is boosted by the AI.


AI as a technological extension of humans is incrementally changing human labour task. The development of AI has gone through cycles of booms and busts, but never earlier have we had such a high and accelerating data growth. This combined with the fact that the rise in computing power has finally made the technology powerful enough, enables the promise of AI. This conference is to figure out how to harness this potentiality of AI in AEC industry.


We are facing the new era in AEC industry. AI has arrived in the arena, and it is now present from design to construction and usage phases. Building information modelling, smart buildings and creation of smart cities have exponentially added to the amount of the existing data. Whereas visual programming has made data-driven design more reachable, and the immersive technologies have enhanced the visual management of the data.

To succeed in the digital landscape, we should further develop our AI capabilities and match them with the customer values and business opportunities. To make a breakthrough with AI in AEC, we need open-minded and future-orientated business leaders beside the AI-orientated engineers and researchers, as well as companies and universities working together in an international context.

This conference will offer in-depth review of current status and future impact of AI in AEC industry. It is about sharing, sparring and networking. It is a place, where the global AI in AEC community meets and pushes together the industry to take the next step in AI deployment. It is time to move from building the foundation towards creating the value from data and AI. See you in future! #AIAEC2023





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