7 marraskuun, 2022

The international lecture series on contemporary architecture continues online! Six professionals in the field of architecture from various backgrounds are invited to share their thoughts and ideas on current trends in architecture.

“For this season of guest lectures, I have chosen creators whose thinking and works evoke feelings of pleasure, passion and a hope for the future.” – Jenni Reuter, curator of Architecture Speaks

Sebastián Irarrázaval
“In the works of Chilean architect Sebastián Irarrázaval, rhythm, repetition and a sense of materials create a grounded and effortless architecture.” – Jenni Reuter, curator of Architecture Speaks!

Sebastián Irarrázaval is trained as an architect at the Universidad Católica de Chile and at The Architectural Association in London. He teaches at the School of Architecture of the Catholic University of Chile. He has been a visiting professor at various universities, including MIT and IUAV. His works have been exhibited in various exhibitions and biennials and have been widely published in specialized magazines. He has received various distinctions including the Shenzhen & Hong Kong Biennial of Urbanism and Architecture (2012), the RIBA International Prize (2016) and the RIBA International Fellowship (2018). For more information:

Architecture Speaks!
Architecture Speaks! Is a lecture series curated by Associate Professor Jenni Reuter and organized by Aalto University Department of Architecture and the Museum of Finnish Architecture.

The online lecture will be held on Zoom Webinar platform. Please pre-register from this link no later on Tuesday 6 December 2022:

Link and instructions for participation are sent in a separate email after the registration has closed.

The online lecture is free of charge and organized in English. Interpretation, translations or live-captioning are not provided. There will be no recorded version of the lecture available afterwards. Technical instructions are on display at the beginning of the lecture.

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