ACE Conference on Artificial Intelligence: Architects for Innovation – 24/11/2022 Brussels and online

24 marraskuun, 2022

Based on complex computer programs capable of simulating human intelligence traits, such as reasoning and learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expected to become in the coming years a game-changer in many economic sectors, including in the construction and building sectors.

In the field of architecture, a discipline at the crossroads of the arts, technology, economics and social issues, Artificial Intelligence holds as much promise as it does fear. For some, it will offer architects the means to explore new aesthetic frontiers, to work on architectural forms that were previously impossible to achieve, to push further simulations and combinations of scenarios. For others, it entails/ bears/ heralds a risk for the profession to disappear, being downgraded by machines capable of producing plans autonomously.

On 24 November 2022, in Brussels, the Architects’ Council of Europe is organising a public conference to explore challenges, threats and opportunities raised by Artificial Intelligence in the sector and consider how it could change Architecture and the practice of the architectural profession. 

This conference, which is meant to nurture a study commissioned by the ACE on the very same topic, will bring together AI experts, architects and researchers who will:

– Explain how they perceive the AI impact on the practice of the profession;
– Share experiences, good practice and innovative solutions;
– Present their perspectives for the future of the profession;
– Share thoughts on the possible regulation of AI in the architectural sector.

The draft programme of the ACE conference is available here.
Download the biographies of speakers here.

Participation is free upon registration here.

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