Nordic Built Challenge Finland – international innovation competition

Sisäänjättö: 8.7.2013

Eco-efficient workplace concept for office building´s renewal

1st phase / 171 entries
2nd phase / 4 entries

Nordic Built Challenge is a multidisciplinary sustainable building renovation competition. The objective is to encourage innovation and development of sustainable refurbishment. Nordic Built Challenge comprises five individual competitions one in each Nordic country.

The objective of the Nordic Built Challenge Finland is to create a new scalable, eco-efficient workplace concept which is adaptable to office buildings from the 70s–80s. On Stage II of the competition, this general concept will be adjusted to the platform building Hippostalo in Tampere. A multidisciplinary team who manages workplace development and eco-efficient solutions of working environment, including construction work and technical solutions, is searched by Senate Properties.

Competition language is English.

1st phase: 8th November 2012–8th February 2013
2nd phase: 1st April–8th July


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Nordic Built

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