New NCCA – Russia

Sisäänjättö: 1.10.2013

International competition for the architectural concept of a museum and exhibition complex of the new National Center for Contemporary Arts in Khodynskoe Pole, Moscow, Russia

The new Museum and Exhibition Complex is going to be the main national institution in the field of contemporary art. Reflecting on several decades of Russian art history, its exhibitions, programs, and educational projects are expected to gain importance and integrate national art into the global context.

The open international Competition will be held in two stages. During Stage 1 the Jury will select ten participants: five from the candidates who filed qualification applications containing all the necessary information about the participants, and five from the candidates who have developed draft architectural concepts for the museum. In Stage 2 the teams receive the competition brief and develop their architectural concepts, and the Jury selects three finalists.

10 participants for the second stage were chosen out of almost 250 applicants on October 1 in a Jury meeting.


– WAI Architecture Think Tank

– Anton Barklyansky

– Giancarlo Ghirardelli

– MEL Studio

– UNK Project

– Steven Holl Architects

– Heneghan Peng Architects

– 51N4E

– Alejandro Aravena / Elemental

– Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos


Moscow, Russia

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