Pohjoismainen webinaari puurakentamisesta / Forests for Sustainable Cities

16 kesäkuun, 2021

PEFC Webinar, June 16th at 12.00-13.30 CET

Forest for sustainable cities

How wood leverages sustainability in Nordic cities

During this lunch webinar, we get to meet leading architects, city planners and property developers from the Nordic countries who present examples of how wood contributes to a more sustainable development of the cities in the region.


12:00 Welcome

Christina Lundgren, Secretary General PEFC Sweden

12:05 How wood comes into play in sustainable construction

Susanne Rudenstam, Director Construction at Swedish Wood and moderator. Begins with an overall picture of the possibilities and benefits of building in wood and provides an overview of sustainable construction.

12:20 Sustainable transformation of cities & metro centers

Anri Linden, Architect & Unit Manager Urban Environment Division City of Helsinki

Anri Linden talks about completed wood projects in Helsinki and Helsinki’s plans for sustainable construction and low-carbon construction in the future.

12:35 Timber construction for innovation & climate

Christian Hvass, Chief development manager, NCC and Jørgen Tycho, Founding partner OsloTre

Present Valle Wood, a wooden centerpiece in Oslo East that became Norway’s largest commercial building in wood and a hit in the market. Explain role of wood as climate-friendly material for creating innovate and versatile long-lasting solutions.

12:50 Sustainable architecture & wellbeing

Martin Maribo, Project leader, Link Arkitektur

A Danish architects view on sustanianbility and wood. Cover all three dimensions of sustainability with an emphasis on climate and economy. Wood as a natural, functional and flexible construction material. Focus on social sustainability and responsible sourcing

13:05 Discussion and Q&A

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