The criteria for discounts and categories of Safa membership fees were clarified

Safa’s full membership fee will increase by 0.8% in 2024, to €499. The membership fee for students is €25 after the free undergraduate stage. The Safa Delegates Council also took decisions to clarify the membership fee categories at its autumn meeting in December.

As in previous years, the full membership fee of €499 can be paid in one instalment or in four equal instalments (due on 15 February, 15 May, 25 August and 15 November). The same applies to those who receive a 25% membership discount, such as new Safa members. However, membership fees reduced by 50% or 75% must in future be paid either in one or two equal instalments.

Student membership of Safa is free for the first three years of studies. Thereafter, the membership fee is €25 per year. The payment is to be made in one instalment (due on 15 February 2024).

After graduation, student members must apply for full membership using the membership application form. The membership fee for recent graduates is reduced and increases in stages over the three years following graduation.

Discount rates remain unchanged

Safa members can apply for a discount on their membership fee on the grounds of unemployment, layoff, family leave or retirement by sending an email to Discounts are also available for people living abroad and new Safa members. However, income-related discounts will be abolished as of 1 January 2024. There will also no longer be any overlapping discounts, i.e. you can get one discount on your membership fee at a time.

New Safa members will continue to receive a 25% discount on their membership fee for the year following joining. When spouses, married or unmarried, are both members of Safa, one of them is entitled to a 25% spousal discount. In future, the spousal discount will only be granted on the full membership fee.

Safa members living abroad receive a 25% discount if their stay lasts at least six months in a calendar year. The membership fee for those living abroad will now include a digital subscription to the Arkkitehti magazine, instead of the printed version.

A member on parental leave receives a 50% discount, and a member on child-care leave is entitled to a 75% discount on membership fees. The pensioner discount is 75%, and members aged 85 and over will continue to be exempt from membership fees.

A member receiving earnings-related unemployment benefit receives a 50% discount, and a member receiving Kela’s basic unemployment allowance receives a 75% discount on the membership fee. Unemployment or layoff must last at least three months during the calendar year. However, discounts are not granted retroactively.

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