SAFA proposes new built environment panel

SAFA has launched its policy manifesto in the run up to the 2023 general election in Finland. The proposals being put forward include a new built environment panel to meet the ever-growing need for more data to inform decision making in the construction sector.

“As we face the climate and ecological crisis, truly independent expertise matters more than ever before. Although buildings, infrastructure and developed land make up 83% of our national wealth, none of the current 12 state research institutes specialise in construction or urban design,” Arja Lukin, Secretary General of SAFA, points out.

SAFA’s proposals also include more university places for architecture students and better resourcing of the degree course providers to ease the long-standing shortage of architects.


SAFAs policy priorities for the 2023–2027 parliamentary term:

1. Promoting sustainability in architecture

The Davos Declaration places a requirement on Finland’s government to promote sustainable construction in Finland.

2. A holistic approach to regulation

Regional land use planning approaches and building regulations must be seamlessly aligned.

3. More research into construction

The demand for more cross-disciplinary, independent research into building and construction needs to be met.

4. Reforming public procurement legislation

High-quality, sustainable places can be delivered by procuring high-quality architectural design.

5. Prioritising refurbishment

Every new building causes a spike in carbon emissions that is equivalent to 50 years of building use.

6. Training more architects

The architecture industry has experienced full employment for many years, and there is currently a shortage of skilled professionals.