Help for victims of the war in Ukraine: website launched

We are looking for volunteers with knowledge of Russian or Ukrainian to join Safa’s network.

Ukrainian architects have been deprived of the opportunity to practice their profession in their native country, and a large number of unemployed colleagues have already fled to countries across Europe. While most flee to the neighbouring countries, there is also a constant flow of Ukrainians to Finland.

Would your office / workplace be willing to provide project-based work for an architect fleeing the war, or a remote job opportunity for a person residing in another country, an internship for an architecture student, or a remote workstation and tools?

The Association of Finnish Architects and Safa have launched a webpage for information on jobs and offers of work space at

Five offices shave already registered with the service. To join click THIS LINK and complete the form.

You can also help by sharing information about help on your networks / social media channels!

Would you like to serve as a support person?

Do you know Russian or Ukrainian, and would you be willing to act as a support person for colleagues coming to Finland from Ukraine? Assistance provided by a person speaking the same language is invaluable for someone entering a new culture. Such assistance may consist of interpreting or help with practical matters, such as housing and work.

Click here to contact us.

#1hourforukraine campaign continues

Have you already joined the #1hourforukraine campaign? The idea is simple: donate an amount equivalent to the hourly pay of each employee at your workplace to a charity that supports Ukraine.

We invite all our member firms and offices, partners and the entire property and construction sector to get involved. Thanks to Studio Park for launching the campaign!

Click here to see a list of charities.

Use the tag #1hourforukraine on social media and spread the challenge!

Click here to download an image compatible with your app for your campaign post.

Open positions in the creative sector campaign is also inviting open positions in the creative sector. The campaign is launched in collaboration with Grafia.