Architect and urban planner is looking for a job

Hello, my name is Ivone Arazo. Architect and urban planner, with recognized studies here (Päätos OPH-1197-2020–Opetushallitus Tutkinnon rinnastaminen: Ylempään korkea koulututkintoon), and member of SAFA Finland. I am a professional who has developed technical knowledge, with 20 years of practical and professional experience.
I have had the opportunity to work as an urban designer and architect specialist in Finland. As a result, I’ve identified characteristics and key elements in our daily work that allowed me to apply detailed knowledge and concepts about urban regulation and theoretical information and acquire a deep understanding of Finland’s know-how. I’ve shared commissions with interdisciplinary and interinstitutional work teams in public policy, zoning, and master plans in my working life. I have had the opportunity to be a lecturer, private agent, government representative before focus groups and public authorities.
As an architect and town planner, I own proficiency with creative forward-thinking, problem-solving, and developed analytical skills to develop solutions to urban planning and architectural problems. I have learned a balance of technical competence, tactical discerning, and healthy pragmatism. I thrive under pressure, and I am a professional intensely determined in my career goals and objectives. I have excellent interpersonal and communication skills and can both work as part of a team and manage an individual caseload.
I possess excellent computer and technical skills with advanced knowledge of Auto CAD. I have training in Revit (Basic) and ArcGis (Basic). I am a quick student of new graphics and design programs. My experience and the specific skills I have honed thus far include project management, emphasizing creativity, project development from client concept and design. I have worked in successfully residential, commercial, industrial, and mixed-use public and private projects throughout my experiences.
I have cooperated with different teams with primary Finnish language and proficiency in English. I have been rated A.1.2. as a Finnish speaker. I have continued my studies because this is a goal to achieve quickly to expand my communication and personal growth in this country.
I am motivated to be a part of new experiences. Thanks in advance for your time. I hope to see you soon.
Ivone Arazo
Tel. 0400488023

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