Omaan kotiin

Professional help in detached home design

Where to start when designing a home for a single family? Omaan kotiin is a guide with articles, opinions and architect interviews providing valuable information on how to organise a home building project and how to best benefit from the expertise of an architect. The target group for the publication are anyone planning to build their own home. At the back of the publication there is an extensive directory of architects offering home design services.

Published every other year, Omaan kotiin is available free at every municipal building permit department and the major construction trade fairs throughout the year. Alongside the printed version, a digital version is available free of charge on SAFA website.

Omaan kotiin will have a completely new, fresh look in 2016: it will be more magazine-like both in its layout and editorial content.

Communications officer Päivi Virtanen
paivi.virtanen @
tel. +358 (0)50 570 4180