Competition Programme

The competition programme is the most important steering document in the design process. The initial information, aims and planning guidelines contained within it receive an implementable form in the competition proposals and steer the end result. Setting the goals and evaluation criteria is an important stage when drawing up the competition programme. The demands and desires of the parties in the project should be formulated as concretely as possible in the guidelines and requirements. Compiling the competition programme should be invested in – a good competition programme is, for the client, a 'precision weapon' in the hands of a skilled competitor.

How much does it cost to organise a competition?

The amount of time and money invested in an architectural competition varies considerably according to the demands and breadth of the project in question. Overall costs can be reduced with a precise rendering of the project goals and an effective project brief. However, the expenses for organising a competition should be considered in relationship to all of the other investments associated with the project, like implementation, use and maintenance expenses. Finding the ideal design solution affects the rental price and resale value of the property.

Delft university architecture department, Netherlands, shared 2nd prize, "Learning and creating", Ol

Delftin arkkitehtiosasto, Hollanti, jaettu 2. palkinto, "Learning and creating", Olli Raila, Heikki Riitahuhta, Mikko Jakonen ja Eetu Arponen