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Tax-free status

Open competitions are eligible for tax-free status. SAFA annually compiles a tax-free status application for the coming year based on the pending competitions that are known to it at the time. The application for the following year is submitted to the Arts Council of Finland in August or September.

Please note!
Tax-free competition prize money must be paid within the year the tax-free status was granted for. If the competition has not reached a conclusion within the designated year, tax-free status must be applied for again. Tax-free status cannot be granted after the fact.

Art council of Finland

Information for Organizer of Competitions

The success of an architectural competition is dependent on many factors. Proper management of the project as a whole, along with careful preparation of the competition process, is paramount. The organiser of a fruitful competition process is free to select a solution that best meets the set requirements of the project and thus guarantees the quality of the final result. Overall costs can be reduced with a precise rendering of the project goals and an effective project brief. Competition organisers should have a good general understanding of the process and the different stages of the competition. By clearly stating the aims of the competition and providing an explicit and perceptible project brief with appendices, organisers provide participants with the optimal conditions to forge a solution to the task presented.

Who organizes competitions?

The majority of the seven or so open competitions arranged in Finland each year are organised by cities and municipalities. Private companies can also arrange open ideas competitions. These competitions may be utilised to gather housing block designs for specific locations, develop models for prefabricated homes or generate ideas for urban planning and land use. In addition to the main organiser, several other parties such as the manufacturers of building material or equipment can support the competition.

Invited competitions are normally arranged by private industry, contractors of housing and business premises, and various firms and associations in the construction and real estate sector. Close to 20 invited competitions were held last year, organised to spawn ideas for land use and propose solutions to capacity problems. Public contractors use invited competitions as a form of tender procurement for design services.

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