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Rights and obligations

In addition to its immediate task of pinpointing a suitable design and implementation, the competition also has a cultural objective – to further the field of architecture.

Particularly in open competitions, the financial burden of participating in a competition and the professional responsibility for the success of the competition is largely left with the parties submitting entries, as only five winners receive prize money for their work. By choosing to submit an entry to a competition, architects demonstrate not only their professional ambition but also an understanding of their societal task to shoulder accountability for the built environment.

Information for competitions participants

Entry in an open competition is open to everyone equally, according to the qualifications defined in the competition brief. The competition organiser either chooses the participants directly or picks them from the list of registered participants. Public tender competitions must comply with public procurement law.

Members of the Competition Jury, consulting experts to the Jury and the Jury secretary, along with their cooperative business partners or next of kin, are not eligible to participate in architectural competitions, nor are persons connected with the preparation of the competition brief or associated with the competition in such a way that poses a clear advantage over the other participants.

Why participate in a competition?

Competitions that feature open, equal participation and a focus on quality boost the finer skills of the profession and contribute to a democratic society that values a pleasant built environment. Architectural competitions offer design professionals the opportunity to further their training, test their new theories and develop their skills. It functions as an inexpensive educational process. Participation in the competition process, with its differing vantage points and evaluation alternatives, is a learning experience for members of the Competition Jury as well.

Drammen competition, Norway, shared 2nd prize "På linje", Serum Architects

Drammen, shared 2. prize, "På linje", Serum Architects